Why box not following in "Writing a Component" demo

Here is the link to the example: https://aframe.io/docs/1.0.0/introduction/writing-a-component.html#schema-and-api-1

I copied and paste the demo code in my code

And here is my code

the problem is, the box is not moving/following

Thank you so much!

Hello @amoz,

Could you link your project’s url so we could have a look?

Yes of course! Sorry I put the wrong link in the post LOL

here is the link to my code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/box-component-demo?path=index.html%3A91%3A26

here is the preview: https://box-component-demo.glitch.me/

Thank you so much!

Just figured it out! I missed the .tick() Handler part. Now it works!