Why can't i use the same domain twice?

I already registered a domain but i didn’t link anything to it.
Now i’m trying to add another project on the same domain, but Glitch tells me: “Your domain is already in use”.
How can I fix this?
I am sure i didn’t link anything to it.

Hi @NezbednikSK

I’m sorry that you are having trouble adding a custom domain!

Can you tell what the custom domain name is? That way I can look it up to confirm it is not already attached to another Glitch project.

Sure, i can.
It is named “nezbednik-api”.
I actually knew i should say it, but i absolutely forgot about it xD

Thanks @NezbednikSK

Is that the full name of your custom domain? If so, we are not showing it in our system. So if you continue to have problems adding it to your Glitch project, I would advise you to contact fly.io and explain to them that you need that domain fully unconnected.

Uh, i forgot.
The name of my custom domain is nezbednik.ml
I linked this project to api.nezbednik.ml
But now, i can’t put anything else on it and i didn’t link this to the web

Thanks for your response @ NezbednikSK

It looks like that custom domain was only associated with the following Glitch project:

We have now removed that domain from the project.

If you have any questions, let us know!

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Thanks, it helped me so much.

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