Why do glitch embeds now give 'unexpected error' in Chromium?


I have a couple of glitch projects embedded on my blog. For months they’ve worked well, but I noticed today I get:

The issue only presents In Chromium. In Firefox they are still working normally.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Example blog post with embed:

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve downloaded Chromium but can’t reproduce your issue the embed displays ok for me. Are you still having the issue? If so, can you let me know whether it happens in an incognito window too? And let us know the OS you’re using. Thanks.


Thanks for looking into it for me. The problem persists in an incognito window.

My ‘About Chromium’ gives:
Version 68.0.3440.75 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.5, running on Debian 9.5 (64-bit)


It works for me too. Maybe there’s an error displayed in the developer tools console that would give us a clue?