Why do you do this...?

Glitch, you have done wrong. You basically killed off my bot, SIB. What did i do to make you do this to him? why?

What? What do you mean?

Its literally taking forever to load. Did i do something wrong!?

Is there any errors in the logs, did you check Glitch’s Status?

Logs dont load either, and

They think Glitch is perfectly fine.

Can you send me an invite to your Glitch project?

Link is gone no body can invade

I have added your project, your first issue was that you never provided a login method for your bot. Second, your discord token is invalid (incorrect)

Second issue fixed? Images gone so nobody can invade too

That is not a Discord token, that’s an app secret, a discord token is provided somewhat below that. I also suggest removing the invite and the images of your client secret as anyone can see this.

K, i fixed it. Now, the login thing?

I already added a login method:

made some adjustments to the text, IDK why but i just did.

And its still saying the token is invalid. WTF? I swear i got it from Discord!

You simply head over to Discord Apps select your bot, scroll down to you see this:


After that you press the click to reveal link and you’ll see your token


The token on this image has been changed

Okay, i decided to generate a new token for SIB and put it there. image
You can see the token in the .env file.

Wait, NVM. A friend of mine got SIB up and working.