Why does Glitch block Tor?

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however .onion sites are not blocked!


try that, it’s a tor site hosted on glitch.

They do, it seems to be a Glitch issue.

That’s weird.

I sent Glitch an email, I’ll post here when they respond.

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Probaly don’t want tor users filling up your request limit, if you want to secretly stop a project from working that’s what one might do

I did get some responses:

It's hard for me to tell if we actively block it, so I am asking my colleagues. When I get a response, I'll let you know.

So I didn't get an exact answer to your question about if we are actively blocking tor. However, the answer I got is that we don't support tor so users should not expect it to work with Glitch.
I know that your question was more specific than that, so if I get additional information about this topic, I will let you know!

My guess is that they might block some exit nodes due to abuse.


Probaly to stop underground glitch pinging services from becoming a thing now that I think of it a bit more


Yea dude you know that when you do it, You can…

You know what i mean. Fortunately this is not bad :slight_smile:

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