Why does glitch get flagged as malicious?

Hi there. I was working on a project when all of a sudden, my network security flagged https://ugccheaps.glitch.me as malicious. We tried whitelisting it multiple times, but it seemed as if the network manually blocked it.

We use Cisco Umbrella.

EDIT: I have moved the website from ugccheaps.glitch me to
rblxcheaps.glitch me and that seemed to work. However, it still is confusing why one singular glitch domain is blocked.

EDIT 2: rblxcheaps.glitch me got blocked.

did Cisco umbrella leave a note about why they think it’s malicious? in fact, is it malicious? does Cisco have some info on what they consider malicious?

The website itself does not have anything malicious. It is simply a list of ROBLOX items that on click, redirect you to the official ROBLOX item page. Not even a single input box.

The only thing Cisco Umbrella left was the block category “Newly Seen Domains”

P.S. the website moved to replit https://ugccheaps.replit.app/

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“Newly Seen Domains” does sound accurate, if this is a new project. Moreover, it sounds like it’s not even a judgement that the site is malicious.

There’s a tutorial out for serving your project from a custom domain

That might help if you have a domain that’s not as new.

Yep, it is a new project, started on it around 2-3 weeks ago. Thank you!