Why does my glitch project have a file called .shrinkyaml and a folder called .pnpm/store/2


I noticed these files in my github repo after exporting to github. I think they have something to do with pnpm. However, I don’t use pnpm and would like these files to not take up unnecessary space in my github repository. These files don’t appear in my glitch project, so I can’t delete them. Github doesn’t allow me to delete 40 something files at once( underestimation). I am not sure what to do. Can someone help?


Hi @Electrox-Qui-Mortem, welcome to Glitch!

I’m not sure about .pnpm/store/2 - I don’t see those files in any of the few projects I looked at, but shrinkwrap.yaml is required by pnpm, which Glitch projects use by default. If you’re willing to share your project name I’d love to take a look at those files.

To eliminate those files from your git repo, you can add them to a .gitignore file and then in your project’s console (which you can see in the Status pane revealed by clicking the Status button below your project’s name in the left panel) you can run git rm shrinkwrap.yaml --cached and git rm .pnpm/ --cached and that will remove the files from your git repo.

The .pnpm folder isn’t visible in the editor because it’s a hidden file (in Linux files and folders whose names start with “.” are hidden) and aside from a few important exceptions the editor doesn’t display hidden files - again if you look in your project’s console and run ls -lA you’ll be able to see them.


Can I delete the folder from the console? My project is called ummmmmmmmmmmmm, evychat? or group chat? idks. Ok, yes. It’s called evychat!


Aha, you’re talking about .pmpn-store. I’m interested to know how that directory got there to be honest; I see that it appeared in this commit, but I don’t see anything else obvious in that commit that would have caused to appear suddenly, and I don’t see it in any of several of my own projects. Do you recall anything special around that time?

I’m also interested in what you mean by “I’m not using pnpm”. All recent Glitch projects use pnpm for package management; for instance I see that you’re using socket.io in this project; generally pnpm is what allows you to use that package.

To answer your question, yes, you can delete the folder in the console. I remixed the project and my remix is working without that folder, at least trivially, so it doesn’t seem like removing it will have any negative effects (and you can always rewind or roll back if it does).


What. . . Wait. You have access to my github repository? Also don’t people use npm as package manager?


Heh sorry to alarm you! In your project’s git repo there’s a note regarding where it was imported from that pointed me to your (public) github repo.

Projects now use pnpm, which does the same work as npm but stores modules in a shared directory, allowing them not to take up space in your project.


Ah, so instead of everyone having their own modules, if two people have the same module, they both use it?


Exactly! That way we don’t have 10,000+ copies of the Express module and it’s not taking up space in your project’s container.


Oh. Well if it’s not supposed to take up space in my project, why do I have that pnpm-store folder?


It’s a legacy of some old projects from the period when we were moving from npm to pnpm. It can definitely be deleted without any ill effects.


The problem isn’t deleting it, it’s how. How do I delete 40 something, probably more, files?


rm -rf .pnpm-store in the console should remove them from your project. Once the next Checkpoint has been committed, re-exporting to GitHub would get those changes into your remote.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean?


Thanks! Insert random text here to make it 20 characters