Why does UptimeRobot not work? Do you have any other suggestions on how to keep the bot awake?

As you can see, UptimeRobot says the monitor for this bot is up, but as you can see in the discord screenshot (i will put another one in the next post, as i am a new user), the bot is offline! How can I fix this?

here is the discord image.

Pinging projects is banned.


i see
i guess i’ll have to quit glitch then.

There are other ways. Such as using a RB Pi to ping or host. Or keep it up naturally by using it.


What’s RB Pi?

Raspberry Pi


thank you

If you think it could help the community and you are willing, then you should share it. That is, after all, what the glitch forums are for! Just make sure that it doesn’t break the TOS.

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If you are willing can you share it @Assfugil?


“Exceeding usage limit” already break TOS so it probably break TOS .

How’ve you managed to not get your project suspended for exceeding the usage limit? That definitely violates the TOS.

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Not really but

Hint: It stimulate having a editor open

or just literally keep the editor open if you don’t want to break tos and make sure you don’t have the great suspender

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@javaarchive It still closes. But what I would do, is, try to use something at home to ping the project.

This is against ToS and would have a possibility of getting your account terminated.

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Sorry, I wasn’t aware of this.