Why Glitch! Why?

Maybe discord bots should be limited. Its a lot easier to self host a discord bot than to self host a website.

They also seem to cause a lot of issues.

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i feel that the new plans were released too early, it was too costly and that was what caused the pinging bots and all that.

I feel if glitch is to survive, then they should pause this service for now.


If Glitch took a break for a week and got everything cleaned up I would have no problem with that.

Though it is temporary, they will probably have to limit even more in the end, until they make enough money/get enough servers to keep glitch self-sustained and stable.


Life cycle of developing a discord bot

  1. Build the bot
  2. Upgrade the bot
  3. Get it in a lot of servers
  4. Shard the bot
  5. Upgrade the bot
  6. Ask for donations and make paid features
  7. Move off glitch to a VPS

Paying customers would.

Then make it just for free users.

I don’t even use glitch that much and at this point, I prefer Repl.it better. They actually allow pinging services to be used (just check out status.piemadd.com and all of those are replit services lol). The one thing i’ve heard glitch users say is that the free tier doesn’t allow for private repos, but if youre a student through github its free and they offer discounts/freebies all the time.

They have quota limits??? Honestly thats some bs…

It mostly self host these days but I think that Glitch has better UI than repl.it. It more so simulates an IDE.

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