Why is Glitch free?

I always thought why is Glitch free and and has no ads. So, why is Glitch free and how do you afford the expenses for running the website and VPS?

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Here’s what I’ve found from public postings:

why is Glitch free

It says in this early blog post that “Glitch is for everyone,” and one might argue that not having a free offering is exclusionary.


This later post dedicated to sustainability announced that there would (additionally) be a paid service. It’s likely that part of the revenue from that would go to cover the cost of running the free part.

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But how they are (right now) are providing free services since they’re not earning with the website right now

We’ve got money in the bank from a variety of sources that we won’t talk about publicly. That will enable us to run our service, including the growth that we’d like to see, until we’re ready to start asking for money. To be honest we’re much more focussed on building the best possible platform for y’all than we are on rushing to get paid, but we have a plan to be here for many years to come!

Hope this helps!


They probably have “venture capital” funding. That’s how many (most? maybe even all?) technology companies start these days. Get enough investors to support you in the near term, build something cool, attract a sizable user base by being free, and then at some point switch gears to monetize and support the business model.

Personally I would be happy to pay Glitch money, provided they always keep a generous free tier. I think it’s super important to have a tool/community like this for people who just wanna build stuff (or learn how to!)


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