Why is my Glitch project dying?

So, I started up a side project here on Glitch again. Simply, it’s a open source Discord Bot giving a random fact every day. (Called “fact-of-the-day”)
Though, it doesn’t start running.
The logs only say that MongoDB connected successfully,

And the bot is not running.

Why is this happening? I see my other projects are running, so why wont this one run, even when I remix it?

Ok so, now it’s working again, but I still don’t get the issue.

Glitch projects shut off after five minutes. Do you have this project on awake.glitch.me or UptimeRobot?

I’ve ensured 24/7 uptime. The problem us that Glitch didn’t run my BOT even though I was LITERALLY inside the project. I am not a newbie to Glitch, so I know about most of it’s mechanics. Which is why I only ask for help here when it’s not something blatantly obvious explained thousands of times here on the forums.

I think that has something to do with Glitch’s troubles that have been occurring for several days.
It happens on a project-by-project basis.
If you’re used to Glitch, you should even look at this before posting: https://status.glitch.com/