Why is my storage full?

My Storage is full:

I dont have that big files, So I downloaded the whole Projekt and Looked at it:
After going deeper I just found this:

What Is going on?

We take regular snapshots of your project so you can roll back changes should you need to. If you have regularly changing data files then this can quickly bloat .git. We recommend placing such files in a folder called .data, as these are automatically .gitignored. But you can add a .gitignore file and include any other files you want too to stop it from filling up too quickly.

You can free up space by running ‘git gc’ and ‘git prune’ from the command line. And if you don’t need the history running ‘rm -rf .git’ will delete it altogether.


Thank you, I had so much trouble (bec it was offline) I had to delete it, good to hear it was no mistake

Note that the .git directory will come back. So the long-term solution is to .gitignore any regularly changing data files.