Why my disk is full, but my project is very small (contain only code, no assets)

my web project contain 2 html file and 5 js file. It’s all codes. No assets. All resources are linked to other sites. Why does my disk full? How do I resolve it?

Thank you!

run these commands

git prune

or run

git gc

then run


in the terminal

May I ask where to input these commands and the reason ?

  • Is it because there are too many history in the Rewind?

  • Is it regular thing ? I need to do the command regularly to prevent disk full?

Nope, just run the command in the Terminal

Do you know the reason? Sorry I am new and I cannot find the reason. All answer I found in the forum are telling people to input the command.

@mayank1234cmd why did you make a dupe of what I said?

oops i thought he asked how to open the terminal nevermind

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