Why working on html files with this platform is so terrible?


Really, no Emmet support, worst html formatting I’ve ever seen. It’s even better to do html on a notepad.
For example, I want a single line tag, but the editor just puts the other tag underneath.


There really is no need to be rude. Why not just politely list the things you don’t like and then suggest how they could be improved?


You are right, I’m sorry.
I like Glitch, and these things like proper html support are trivial in other platforms, so I was pissed off but there is no excuse for my rude comment.


I don’t agree it’s terrible. We mostly rely on Codemirror for syntax highlighting, which does a good job and is widely used. It sounds more like we don’t support a particular preference you have, which isn’t the same thing. But we’re happy to hear more specifics. We did have Emmet support, but it wasn’t well used and essentially doubled the size of our JS bundle so it was removed. We may look into bringing it back if we’re able to not impose the bundle size increase on other users.