Will Discord bot still go to sleep?

So recently well actually very very very recently Glitch Said that projects marked as static won’t go to sleep anymore but is it also for Discord bots or is there some configs needed to do for it?

Unless you upgrade to boosted, you cannot keep your bot online 24/7.

Is there any way to keep bot 24/7?

Yes, upgrade to boosted.

Um i meant a free way actually…

No there is not.

Hmm Ok i think i’ll spend some money to get it boosted thanks for your help!

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I kind of already said that to him @anon70439135 , no need to repeat.

Few questions:
Q.1 Do i not need to do anything and will it be always running on its own?
Q.2 Are all Sites already Static and i don’t need to do anything at all?
Can someone answer these Questions

oop, never noticed that lol

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Maybe you should read the thread before you post.

  1. I think so, it will run until 10,000 hours
  2. static sites don’t include package.json

Ok So i would require a short answer to the main question as yes or no?

What do you mean? Can you clarify?


Um Never mind i saw that 1 hour Just passed out of 1000 hours , So I have marked your answer as solution,Thanks!

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that’s why I deleted that post

1000, not 10000 :slightly_smiling_face: