Will I eventually be able to "scale up" the compute that my app has access to?

My original mental model of glitch was that it was a sort of “jsbin for the back-end”, but the more I code with it, the more I want to do all my projects this way. And so I’m wondering what the roadmap looks like in terms of letting me provision a container that has more resources? Obviously this would cost extra (on top of what is eventually charged for the current stuff). Are there any (even vague) ETAs for this sort of stuff, if it is planned? Any ideas on what the pricing model might look like?

What’s currently free will remain free, but we do intend to add some paid-for capabilities down the line. The first-step is our Glitch Teams offering (https://glitch.com/forteams), which we’re working on at the moment which will add user management features around Glitch. Later, we’ll get to adding more RAM/CPU, but I don’t have a timeline for that at the moment and we have a few ideas for pricing models, but nothing decided yet.


Okay, good to know! Definitely looking forward to the day where I can live inside glitch :stuck_out_tongue:

I have requested access to Teams. I have also not received a email, can you check if it has been submitted?

We’re slowly adding people as we work on this - you’ll hear more from us soon.

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Thanks :smiley:. That would be fantastic!

BTW, what exactly is Glitch Teams? The page about it just seems to show all the features normal Glitch has.

For now, user management features to make working with Glitch easier for groups of people.