Will UptimeRobot get banned?

I know that Glitch made a paid plan that allows websites to be up all the time. If someone used UptimeRobot, would it eventually get suspended?

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no it wont, theres no reason for it to get banned

But don’t you think Glitch wants money, and they don’t want people using another service and they would lose revenue.

Hi there,
I was thinking this too. They have now made this new plan and changed their terms of service. I am wondering if this includes banning of services like UptimeRobot. I understand they have made guides reccomending using it, but mabye now they would rather you pay for the new plan? Any clarification on this would be nice.
Edit: Mind you, my project using UptimeRobot is still live

We are exploring ways to make sure everyone’s app can run, which requires a stable platform, and we’re finding that a roadblock to that stability sustaining is that some users are running dozens and dozens of projects that are kept awake by services like UptimeRobot. We have not decided to ban UptimeRobot and similar services, but we do encourage folks who use them to pay for a subscription (you get so many other rad perks on top of that - like all your apps no longer having rate limits!).


That’s great! Thanks for the clarification!

Uptime is banned
I’m trying to use repl.it right now
I Really love glitch but they banned uptime :frowning:


@NichuNaizam please don’t bring up old posts :joy: this post was way before the new permanent ban