Wings of fire MMO plane game

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its a multiplayer plane game ever wanted to fly ur own plane now u can
join other users in a battle for life and death in the sky’s using ww1 biplanes
tips and thanks are most appreciated :slight_smile:


This looks cool! Just one tip: maybe make the auto generated names a bit more user friendly, fix the “start” screen, and make the bullets a big easier to see, but other than that I like it!

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i would like to add on to @RiversideRocks’s suggestion, make it more 3d it will be much more popular!

A-Frame makes online 3d easy.

ok i will try any tips on making the bullets easier to see ?

yeah i know i just dont want to make it fully 3d so not sure how to make it more 3d

Looks great! Well done

Maybe make them a bit bigger.