With unlimited requests, can you get in trouble for too many requests?

Lets say i have a crazy amount of requests, like 500 a second or so. Will glitch get mad if I have that?
If so what is the maximum amount of requests i can send with glitch plus.

I don’t know what the ceiling is on limits or if there even is one but I would caution that if you’re getting 1.8 million requests per hour there’s a chance you may violate Glitch’s Terms of Service:

While using the Services, you agree that you will not:
2. use our servers for any form of excessive automated bulk activity (e.g., spamming), or rely on any other form of unsolicited advertising or solicitation through our servers or Services;
3. attempt to disrupt or tamper with our servers in ways that could a) harm our Website or Services or b) place undue burden on our servers;

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Yeah it would be roblox servers contacting the server based on the http refresh rate they set. And around 10,000 games might do this so I am a little worried.

If you really need 500 req/sec from the beginning, I don’t think a Glitch container would be able to handle that.

It might be worth getting your own DigitalOcean server (signing up with that link gives you $100 of free credit) or trying serverless (AWS Lambda, Vercel, etc).


I wouldn’t think it would be that high maybe 10 a second, I was just using that number as an example of a crazy amount.

We all know glitch runs on AWS which is pricy on bandwith so the glitch team probaly will have to disable your project to prevent large money loss.

Then again the glitch plus charges will give them more money, but good thing to look out for

It’s basically like a bathtub full of water. The faucet is the income-payments to people who work at glitch and money from investors, the drain is AWS charges.

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:flushed: yeah but I don’t think it would make that much of a difference. I’ll rate limit their api keys for sure

As long as you are not causing an insane ammount of requests, you should be fine. What do you plan on doing, if you don’t ming sharing :slight_smile:

I’m making a web panel where you can manage the in game admin system. Working with the creator of Adonis, so it’s going to be widely used

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ah man, i am literally working on the same thing! where you can manage a game from the web, it’s its own admin system. is this different or something?

Wow that is so cool! Is yours for roblox too?

yeah! it was going to be a web panel but i decided to turn it into a desktop app for more security. Want to see a screenshot?

yeah totally! which admin system is it created for?

It’s its own system. Give me a second to start the app.

ive always wanted to make my own system but it feel like working with a well known developer and being able to have resources like glitch plus that I wouldnt have had is better for me.

yeah. One reason why it’s a desktop app. I’m using google sheets as a database. I got encryption and authentication setup as well. This is a coincedence.

Those stats are actually pulled from the roblox api.

im using mongodb for mine. oh wow you are working for adopt me?? that is so epic!