Working Login / Signup page

I have always wanted to make a WORKING login/signup page.

(When I ask for help dont think I just want help with css)

If you could please help

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There is no “single thing” as a working login/signup page. Please do some searches in Google, Bing or what have you for examples. It depends entirely what language / platforms you use. Which DB you have and other related things.

These are all choices and you need to understand the impact of making those choices.

Hey you can maybe go to the glitch search bar and search login pages.
or maybe take a look at this Glitch :・゚✧ (I haven’t used it so I don’t know if it will work)

Also I find this quite funny that this post has the same wording as a post from my alt from a long time ago

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Yes, I am trying to make a login / signup page for my bot website too lol.

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The only thing is the hackathon page cannot be found so… I dunno how I am going to make the login / signup page

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