Would love to use Glitch but might be not enough for my use case

Hey - so I’m working on a NLP project and would love to start using glitch with the paid option (extra memory => 2GB; More disk space => 400MB) but I need to host .png files and when I calculate my folder weight, it says 600MB. I guess this won’t work?

Hey there, welcome to the Glitch community! You can upload the files directly to Glitch’s CDN so it doesn’t count against your disk space.

Hi there! So here are the comparison of restrictions for free vs. boosted apps - Boosted Apps! What's that? - Glitch Support. As @Techy uploading any assets to our “Assets” section in the editor doesn’t count toward that disk space, but you are limited to 250MB there.


If you’re comfortable with hosting urls on the cdn then the way jenn/techy described above is perfect. Also if you’re storing stuff like user-uploaded files queueing up for conversion, you can use the /tmp directory.


Or… You can cache your files to your project RAM by requesting your files from CDN, then cache it to RAM…