Would Roblox get blocked?

I know Glitch banned pinging services like UTR, but would it block requests from games like Roblox? It’s because I made a Discord bot that needs to be on to accept get requests from Roblox to import stuff like bans, keys, etc. I’m wondering that if Roblox were suddenly make tons of requests to the website, would it get blocked?

If you’re using Glitch for free, every project has a limit of 4000 incoming requests in an hour and subsequent requests will return a 429 Too Many Requests error.

But for boosted apps, there’s virtually no limit to the requests a project can receive in an hour.

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Alr, thanks, so question, would pinging services be allowed then since say if you have an interval of 5 minutes per ping/visit, and there’s only going to be 12 requests per hour, so, why were those banned?

Pinging on free projects is banned because it places a lot of strain on the servers. Everyone hosted Discord bots and then pinged them every 5 minutes to keep them online.

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Khalby is correct. They would not get blocked. Unlike Discord, Glitch uses containers, (A VM in a server) to run project. Those projects all share an IP address within the server. And Roblox games have unique IP address for each server, within, each game. So, no.

One way pinging could go would be on a glitch static site, every 2 minutes, create a script/image and put the src to a file hosted on the site