Wrong app running?

Hello !

I’m writting an url shortener, so I want my project’s name as short as possible. “u” seems to be available since https://glitch.com/edit/#!/u displays the error “no project here!”, but I cannot rename my project with this letter : if I do so in the top-left menu and I refresh the page, I still have the message “no project here!”.

What’s happen? Can’t we use “one-letter names” for our projects?

Hey @sebsheep if you’re unable to see a project with a given domain it’s possible that the project is private. Single letter project domains should work fine as far as I know.

Sorry for the bother!

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It is actually taken. This is the Live App url:


The code should be private

Ok fine, thank you for the answer @cori @ElBort !

However, there isn’t any error message when I try to rename my project with this name. It’s a bit annoying :frowning: .

Yeah, you are right. When I tried to change the name of the project no error message was given. When I refresh the website it gave me the error you said.

This is something that the staff members should fix, maybe