WTF Glitch! Why?

Maybe discord bots should be limited. Its a lot easier to self host a discord bot than to self host a website.

They also seem to cause a lot of issues.

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i feel that the new plans were released too early, it was too costly and that was what caused the pinging bots and all that.

I feel if glitch is to survive, then they should pause this service for now.


If Glitch took a break for a week and got everything cleaned up I would have no problem with that.

Though it is temporary, they will probably have to limit even more in the end, until they make enough money/get enough servers to keep glitch self-sustained and stable.


Life cycle of developing a discord bot

  1. Build the bot
  2. Upgrade the bot
  3. Get it in a lot of servers
  4. Shard the bot
  5. Upgrade the bot
  6. Ask for donations and make paid features
  7. Move off glitch to a VPS

Paying customers would.

Then make it just for free users.