`www` glitch domain

Hi There,

I’ve made a website called hlamovies, and i linked it to www.hlamovies.ga,
But i hate the domain because there is www in it and it is required to access the website,
are there ways to make just like this hlamovies.ga ?

Hey @HeemPlayz! You can leave A/CNAME record empty linking towards IP/URL.


Type Name Pointing To
A some IP
CNAME glitch.edgeapp.net

You have to do one from above example. (Make sure you put correct IP if using A record.)

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Thanks @Ashutosh-3601 for your reply
I want to get rid of www and i can’t leave CNAME empty
I’ve made the A record but it is for www.hlamovies.ga

Any other solutions?

@HeemPlayz it’s likely that you’ll need to create an A record using the IP Address for glitch.edgeapp.net instead of a CNAME record. Our custom domains help article talks about this a bit.

Can you give that a shot and let us know how you get on?