Xen text, a new language born on glitch!

zen text, is a brand new language, that is being specifically built for easier use of the console, currently it supports, more things than we can list!


  • cleared up some stuff at top
  • updates section cleared
  • language respective commands ( ex: @:n for nodejs ) are in the works! but not on original project due to major issues, until the original xent project gets unsuspended, there will be a list of hastebins for the updates!

coming soon

  • language respective commands
  • json addon
  • process addon
  • ability to make addons



I see you used python to create the lexer, good work!

i would have used nodejs, or c++, which most likely will be coming up soon, so it stays with the standard of new languages.

could you teach me how to make a coding language based on python?

or at least how to use this. thanks :slight_smile:

have you tried ANTLR for a lexer?, its located here https://www.antlr.org/download.html

i have, i failed miserably …

i tried, couldn’t install and CLI didnt work

Does it support input?

Can you tell me what’s the advantages of using your language? Why I would prefer it if I had a choice between, for instance, Java and C? Is it actually a worldwide project or you’ve been creating it just for educational purposes?

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Seems like a good start, it can help people like me get a headstart on creating a language

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Do you mind if I put a creative commons license on the work?

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Why you guys need an ‘yet_another_programming_language’?

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I need yet another language so we at protech IT solutions can experiment and help others code in languages they recognise than teaching them a language that takes ages to set up or install, when we can just run it in one command

Check out protech’s team- https://glitch.com/@pro-tech

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I’m in the process of creating some documentation

It is located:

Code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/xendocs
App: https://xendocs.glitch.me

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thank you!

the purpose of xent ( nicked it already :wink: ) is to provide an easier time debugging, logging, and running commands, it will soon allow break points, as soon as logistics is complete, so debugging becomes a more apparent usage

note, it uses python 3, it will soon have a batch script and shell script to take the place of the current way to use it, if you have not figured it out yet

note: the syntax to run a xent file, is

python3 xent.py [xent file]
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it is actually, just a typical normal programming language,
also, no compilation, and, you have to admit, compiling code like in c++, java, c, and other languages takes away at time, and time is important.

the language is designed to have speed, and not mess up during it, soon, after the breakpoints are complete, i am planning to work on language respective commands, i will explain those in detail the further xent gets!

now that i think about it, i should make a list of the additions i am planning…

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input will be in the works while breakpoints will be worked on

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Wonderful project, keep up the good work


Compiling provides language the ability to speed it up using the machine code. And also, as you said you’re using Python, it also compiles but to the files called *.pycache

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hm, i will see if there is some way to prevent that till i go to c++

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