Xen text, a new language born on glitch!

put this in the lexer script or any python script to prevent .pycache from being compiled:

import sys
sys.dont_write_bytecode = True

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yea, seems good to use, it will be implemented in a few minutes

arguments are up and working! next up, logic!

Okay, how do I use this?

the docs are coming out soon!

I’m creating some usage docs, the link is https://xendocs.glitch.me/

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update: we got a sub reddit now, it is r/XENTEXT

be sure to check it out, it will be finished getting set up tonight

note: i will be on it EVERY night, unless otherwise i will say so here, i will be answering questions rapidly at night

Im on the subreddit now

Dude, there’s something I still don’t understand. HOW DO I USE THIS XEN TEST???

@khalby786 please calm down!, i’ll send a PM with a guide

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The guide is ready, check your PM

Ya, sure, thanks! :grin::sweat_smile:



reddit be getting famous XD

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Are you sure the Glitch project link is correct? @J-Tech-Foundation

@tech_dude1 I’m sorry you were given the wrong link.

That one was for members only, to remix use this link:

Documentation: xendocs.glitch.me
Reddit: r/XENTEXT

Yeah, I’ve had that thing too. I realized I needed one glitch project for sharing releases and one for testing and writing code.

By the way, I was wondering if I could help make a website like at something like xentext.ml and we can put documentation a docs.xentext.ml or we can do so something like thexenproject.ga

@javaarchive feel free! if you need a remix link for the ‘get started page’ then here is one:


make sure you add us please!

Just realized but look up on your first original post, I think it says Zen Text.

By the way if you want to avoid needing to learn C++ or some fast language I suggest you try a transpiler like https://github.com/Nuitka/Nuitka