Xen text, a new language born on glitch!

So I tried to get a simple domain like xentext.ml but then I found this

apparently all the freenom domains don’t work
So apparently Freenom is doing the fly.io startegy so it only let’s you select a domain if you are logged in similar to how only fly.io/sites only shows when you are logged in(but that changed a few days ago)

Edit: I’ve got a basic site setup: https://xentext.ml/
I’ve also got a question, do I just add the usernames of everyone on the remixing project for those who helped make xentext

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Hey @javaarchive,

Whatever you create a project related to the contribution of XenText (it is XenText, I had the same doubt and @J-Tech-Foundation confirmed it to me) make sure to transfer ownership (an invite link would be enough) to DonutSquad because that is were all XenText projects resides. (The documentation and the main XenText project is already there)

// edit

Can I beautify xentext.ml?

So can I just send it to you in a private message and you can transfer it? Because I don’t see any way to transfer things to teams. Also yes, you can try to beautify it(this is the first actually neat HTML project I made).

Also a possible way to install XenText is to add a line .bashrc with alias xent=python3 xent.py or/and alias xent-cli=python3 cli.py but I think it could by messy to the system

If you choose to do this, please continue at your own risk. We are not responsible if you mess up your bash shell or container

Just add a member and they will be able to add it to the team once they have editing rights

I don’t think freenom would give you free domains anyway…

Try fly.io

ok, to clear up some confusion, yes, XenText was originally called zen text,
also, adding to a .bashrc file for linux users will not mess up anything, as long as it gets written to the file correctly, third, thanks for helping us get a site :slight_smile:

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Yes, just PM me an invite link, and I’ll add it to the team!

No, Freenom does give you free domains. But only the .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq are free!

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I can live with that! FREE DOMAINS YAY

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Oh yeah, also I just have to renew it on the last 2 weeks of the 12 month period(I think it’s 2 weeks). By the way, I’m going to get a Reddit account to post a long message about XenText ideas.

well, here is an update if you had not already noticed: i am learning java, so i decided to change the new compiler to be that of java, also because hey, xen text should be usable anywhere? even on phones, so why not!

update: i thought it would be a good idea if xen text would be able to hook up to the internet, this will be possible 1-2 weeks after the java compiler is released

edit: java compiler shall be released in 2-3 weeks due to many interruptions over the next week for me.

Ok so I couldn’t post on reddit due not having enough “karmas” so I am going to dump that whole ideas for XenText thing here:


Easy to implement, might be harder for C++: Create a dictionary/map to store the variables. To store a variable set the key as a string of the variable number and serialize the variable content. Now to access the variable get the variable data by the variable name as a key then deserialize it and perform whatever actions the user wants to do.

Harder to implement, better for all languages because SQLite is written in C++ or C I think: Assuming you’ve already created a table, create two columns mainly for key and value. Then follow the steps above except instead of setting the key and value of a map you set the values of the key and value columns. To retrieve a variable use the select command in SQL.

Call Stack

When nothing is running the call stack is empty. If a function is invoked the current variables are saved and thrown onto an item on the call stack. Then we reinitalize the variables system with the parameters/arguments sent to the function.
This applies only if you don’t want the variables outside a function to transfer.

I have more ideas but I’m still thinking of how to put them in text. Also can we make a flair for suggestions?

Also I’m pretty cool with java. I can also read java. By the way, it’s less hard to make mistakes in java for me in my experience.

variables will be added 3-4 weeks after the java release, i have this majorly planned out already :wink: also a call stack… clever

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Thanks, I sorta got the idea from recursion and StackOverflow errors. BTW I am also private messaging the links to the website.
Lol I forgot to specify who I was PMing

ok ( ignore )))))))))

Meeeee! Sending it to @J-Tech-Foundation is also fine, but I guess he’s busy.


is fly.io free?

Nope definitely not free

Well actually depends how much you use.