Xent has a data leak!

xent is being disabled due to a huge memory leak which causes macros to break, i will give an update when this is fixed!


DonutSquad to the rescue…!

@J-Tech-Foundation, I suggest you make the project private while you fix the data leak.

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i most likely will, it does not seem to dangerous, but if it becomes very apparent, and is causing even more issues than breaking macros, i will have to shut down the project until i can manage to figure out what is causing the data leak

but due to this, the linux package and windows installer for xent will be postponed, because… i was planning to release it tomorrow!



i was looking forward to that!

the windows installer, and linux package will release in the next 2-3 weeks, just till i figure out where the data leak is coming from

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just a tip- if you want to make a graphical installer in windows 10, use IExpress to do that:

  • to access, click the search bar and type IExpress- it looks like a cabinet

better than curl then!

yup! better than curl!