Xent installer for glitch (linux)

XenText has an installer that is glitch-friendly and works on all linux platforms.

to get the installer, run:

wget https://getxent.glitch.me/xent_installer.py


python3 xent_installer.py

always improving! installs xent 2.0 and the CLI

@random - xentCLI dev


Or you could do:

wget -O- https://getxent.glitch.me/xent_installer.py | python3
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yeah, as long as you can grab the installer your fine!

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remember, the script shuts down if your version is below 3.0.0

Well there could be some compatibility if you use the __future__ module. I’m pretty sure it’ll fix print functions but I’m not sure about the input function

I see your idea, but unless you have GNU wget then it’s useless.

I’m hoping to make a port soon to windows!

Most windows users have powershell. But powershell scripting seems a bit difficult to me

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Just installed on Ubuntu! Do you guys have docs for getting started?

We do! Go to xendocs.glitch.me for making your first xent program!