XenText, is getting updated!

ok, so first off… we have kinda moved off glitch, but not fully, but, today we are beginning work on the cli written in java!

we hope to have the cli done by next month!


Keep updated, always. Check out r/XENTEXT on reddit

ok, are we ready for the suprise aswell?

xen text will also have an archiver and a compiler but this will take an extremely long time to create after the java cli is complete

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Compiler, you say?‎‎‎‎‎

yes, it will have a compiler in case you cannot use the python3 cli…

but this is still in the works!

@J-Tech-Foundation, have you tried gogs?

Its a self hosted version of git written in Go. I have one set up now at pt-gogs.glitch.me

Github on glitch it is basically

i am thinking of using it…

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You could put XenText on it…

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