XKCD Printer Edition

Project URL: https://xkcd-printer.glitch.me/?top=2353&bottom=2340

After tons of css pain and an issue with no cors header I’ve finally made something to make xkcd printable. Also I solved the cors issue with a cors anywhere proxy, so if you spam requests you will only stub your toe on a rate limit. Inspiration: https://stephencharlesweiss.com/blog/2020-01-25/building-xkcd-daily-digest/ I found this after googling about xkcd cors

What is this?
This fetches comics from XKCD(google it) and puts them in a printer/binge ready form. Making the comics show up in a grid proved to be quite weird to do in css since the term grid is a bit confusing

  1. Add a gui for url parameters
  2. Save paper space
    ~~ 3. Add responseiveness for tiny screens ~~ done!

While in developement @khalby786 sent me an excellent resource to also get around the cors issue. https://github.com/mrmartineau/xkcd-api

Next static site project hint(encrypted): VDNBZ2JIUnhZaUJoZG5KeWVIWWdZWEYyZGlCdVoyaHliV1ZySUhWNFpYUWdhbWNnY2lCeGRHdGtiWFJqWTJoc0lHdHBjbXR6WjNnZ1luQm5JSGRxY0hvZ2IybHZkaTRnUldSb2IzUm5JSHB5SUhoNUlHZDNkeUIxYldNbmJTQnpkbkZ1SUhWM2RHSWdhM1ozY1NCd2EyMHVJQT09


You could use CSS Grid Generator by Sarah Drasner.

Found this because something similar to this project is coming up in #the-gallery.

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there was a way to make automatic grids using floats but I dumped that because it was too incompatible with other stuff. In the end I just did flex with media queries, the float method is still used on my massive minecraft screenshot galleries though. CSS grid generator is a nice tool I don’t see why people go through the trouble to make the grids by typing stuff out

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Float sucks, especially on mobile devices.

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The only reason I used it was because I was writing a 5 minute script and needed a really quick css grid for up to 10 images a row. I had a better method but it was left on my other computer because I forgot to transfer it.


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I tried that, but the ui was a bit weird since when you clicked and dragged the boxes wouldn’t light up until you released.

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Sorry I had to break things, I wanted to integerate something that doesn’t use cors anywhere, but the vercel/now for it was done. Tommrow I’ll make my own copy of it for everyone to use

project fixed to use api provided by xkcd.now.sh

some of the comics are pretty inappropriate tho I guess

it seems like xkcd.now.sh seems to work sometimes but sometimes doesn’t, so if this project doesn’t work it’s probaly because of that

Oh no,

defintley will work on better printer support

There appears to be an issue with CORS again

errors and errors with CORS. how hilarious.

SeEmS PrInTaBlE tO mE*

Restrictions apply

*Only when there is one comic

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I tried my trackpad at comics, and, boy, do I suck!

I’m so embarrassed to post this :rofl:

to whoever thought the comics are a bit inappriate, I suggest you not like at the first 500 comics. The author has also written a few books 3 of which I have which are quite funny

what do you mean by that ???

well the first few comics were from his science notebooks, which may have been apporiate for the class at that time but not for people viewing his website now. I think the latest few are approiate though

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