.xyz domain on fly.io

I was wondering… if i bought an .xyz domain, and host my website on glitch, can i add my glitch site to fly.io/sites site and add my NAME.xyz domain there? I already host my website on glitch and use fly to host it with my .tk domain, but i wanna move forward with a better domain. Also would it keep my domain safe?

Is this how to use godaddy with fly.io


and how do i change the nameserver from parked to active, and what do i even change it to?

I recommend to use custom domains instead of using fly.io manually.

I am using custom domains, i’m just using fly.io to connect glitch to godaddy domain and keep it https secure, like i did with glitch and freenom, but i switched from freenom to godaddy

Use Cloudflare and you can force https there with only one easy step.