(Yet) Another i/o error... what is causing this? [Fixed]


The i/o fs.js error that others have pointed out before has reared its ugly head once again. Is there anything I can do to prevent this, or fix it from my end? I posted about this once before (below), and it basically resolved itself eventually, but this is super frustrating.

Previous post for reference

Project name: https://the-plaid-dragon.glitch.me/


Resolved itself within about an hour.


If it happens again, please send me a project join link and we can take a closer look. Thanks.


Hey Gareth… this issue flared up for me again. Is this the code you need to take a look?


Sorry to hear that. No, we need a join link which you can get from the share menu in the editor, under invite collaborators. If you email that to support@glitch.com they’ll make sure a dev can take a look into this for you.


Cool - just emailed. Thank you!


Happening again today. :confused:



we are sorry you are having this issue. Since it is very widespread, I’ve created a pinned topic describing how to get rid of it: Crashing with I/O Error

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: