You can now undelete projects

You’re now able to undelete your accidently deleted projects.

51 AM

This notification will appear for ~6 seconds after you delete a project.

(in the future, we plan to build a more robust undelete UI that’s not time limited on your profile page)


You can undelete and delete from your profile page, too!

Today we launched delete/undelete controls in your profile page.

Here’s a copy of the in-app announcement :wink:

You can now delete and undelete projects. :tada:

Tidy up your profile page without fear of regret.
There’s a new “Delete This” button on your project tiles that’ll let you clean up
your old experiments and help you present a healthier, more active looking profile page. :broccoli:

Delete using the project's dropdown list

All of your deleted projects are listed for you at the bottom of your profile page,
and you can restore them to life with just one click.

Undelete projects using the new controls at the bottom of your profile page
No forever-:broken_heart: here, every project has a second chance.


I have an question, @jude. Is there are time limits in restoring deleted projects like 30 days or what?


As far as I am aware, deleted projects are always available to restore, unless you ask a staff member to permanently delete any of your deleted projects, I have tons of deleted projects that I have had about a year, and can still restore!

Hey Andrei :slight_smile:

I’ve gone off to co-found a startup so I’m afraid I don’t have the inside scoop for you anymore :-p However as of 6 months or so ago, there were no time limits or restrictions-- the projects stuck around forever. But I don’t know that Glitch has guaranteed that deleted projects stick around forever-- they might do a cleanup pass as some point, so personally I wouldn’t rely on it even though they seem to stick around indefinitely for now :slight_smile:

Perhaps a Glitch support person can chime in and add some more nuance.

Best wishes,

Hey y’all, what @jude said! We aren’t currently expiring deleted projects, but we may do so in the future. Our goal would be to let you know ahead of time if we’re changing that policy, and there aren’t any current plans to do so.

Hope this helps!

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Okay, I noted and thanks.