You should let us use Ace


Ace is the best online code editor ever (imo), it has a lot of options and custom themes etc.
Cloud9 uses Ace and I see no problem with it, it supports a lot of coding languages and features like /* global */ etc.


Hello :slight_smile:

we switched to CodeMirror because it supports mobile devices and we didn’t notice any major shortcoming compared to Ace. For example /* global */ is supported right now by Glitch/CodeMirror. What are the features you’re missing the most from Ace?


Custom indent size, show inivisible characters (zero width space etc.), custom theme, better undo function (on glitch it only works once for me, I accidentally deleted my code and hit some keys and it was lost so I had to rewrite it :roll_eyes: And imo no one should code using their mobile, it makes no sense.


I also dislike that the query param gets changed every single time I move my pointer, it spams my history


CodeMirror has all these features too, they are just not exposed in the UI for now. You can try fiddling with the CodeMirror settings through the webconsole. The CodeMirror instance is accessible as application.editor(), and there is also a CodeMirror global object.

As for the undo, if you can give me some hints on how to reproduce, I’ll be happy to take a look :slight_smile: it always worked very well for me.

Query params are changed with the History API, so they shouldn’t pollute your history :slight_smile: They are very handy if you want to share your position in the project with someone else.


I’m using chrome cuz this is a chromebook ( :frowning: ) and it spams my history :frowning:


I am using Chrome too… and when I hit “back”, I get back to a previous page, even if I changed position several times… Can you provide the steps to reproduce?


The back button works as expected but check your CTRL+H (history) and it should be spammed


Thanks for this report :slight_smile: We’ll look into it!


Thanks for the application.editor() tip, I made my editor look much better :slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile: The settings will go away when you refresh the editor though. I suggest you to create a bookmarklet with the customizations you want :slight_smile:


I will make a simple extension or maybe a tampermonkey script :slight_smile: