YoungShell - An open-source portable by default shell


Open-source, portable by default shell by me (@youngchief)

Project URL:
Glitch Project (doesn’t get regular updates, so run update):!/remix/youngshell

  • It’s portable by default so doesn’t leave traces in your system (except when you use bash, see below or enable Globally Available Binary (GBA) with gba-do) and you can run off any kind of storage device (USB, Cloud, NAS, etc) just be sure to mount the storage location if it’s external or on another partition

  • If you want to have a Globally Available Binary (GBA): gab-do and to undo that do gab-undo (you can use ys as an alias to the binary located in the project files when built)

  • If it doesn’t have a command natively it attempts to start up bash!

  • Runs on tons of different systems!!

  • Make sure to run update in YoungShell often (especially in Glitch which will not be always up to date with GitHub)

Feel free to ask questions and contribute but keep this a non-mega thread!


Hi! Do you have a Glitch app running this that I can share?


Yes, I do!

For everyone to know: The Glitch project may not be updated as often with the current GitHub code, so run update in YoungShell to update YoungShell and optionally the host system.

I made lots of changes and some made things more friendly and working on other systems like making sure certain environment variables are set and adding in more cross-platform support
Be sure to run

Glitch &, etc:

rm -rf * .*;
git init; 
git pull;
bash src/

Anywhere else:

cd YoungShell;
git pull;
bash src/

And in one update I added a better working update so this is only to get these updates that improve Quality Of Life using this shell that can’t be done in certain environments using update because of not cloning which adds an origin remote… Anyways just follow update instructions ONLY if you already setup YoungShell before this post.