Yourls on glitch

can I host yourls on glitch? and if I can is there any tutorials/examples out there?

You can but afaik no one has managed to set it up

Just a quick message - I’m about 80% through setting up yourls on glitch. watch this space.

UPDATE: just troubleshooting a few issues.


give us a remix when u done?

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As soon as I get it working I’ll make it remixable.


Thanks! That sounds great!


It might not be worth it to make a link shortener on glitch unless you have horrendously long urls or have a short domain(i think they are expensive to buy)

Check out this project made by a developer I know:

It’s a link shortener created using JavaScript and that developer even wrote a article on how to create your own link shortener:

Although the repo has been archived and the article has been deprecated, I’m sure it will work.

Wait, let me just ask the developer himself if there are any problems if I follow the deprecated tutorial. :grin:

1 Like has shut down :frowning:

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It was working until last week! No wonder the tutorial became deprecated.


Welp, for whatever reason I can’t get mod_rewrite to enable, so it might not be possible to use YOURLS on Glitch.

Are you using the Apache server?

is there a way to do yourls on a raspberry pi ? @RiversideRocks

Yep. You can do it if you install all the needed components like PHP, MySQL, and an Apache server. I might try setting it up locally on my PC later for testing. I really wish that Glitch had PHPMyAdmin because that would make this a lot easier.