Ytmous - A anonymous Youtube that does not spy on you

A anonymous Youtube that does not spy on you.


  • 0% Ads
  • 0% Tracker
  • Download Youtube Videos while you watch them


Project URL

  2. (Private)


  • All media, Including Required Javascript (jQuery, popper.js, Bootstrap 5 for Navigation Bar), CSS (Bootstrap 5 CSS), Thumbnail, and Video is completely from your ytmous server, Which means, your ytmous server is proxying any video thumbnail to client.
  • 0% Ads
  • 0% Tracker
  • 0% Google analytics
  • 0% Logging


  • Like and Dislike count, and Comment view support is still upcoming, But may optional
  • There’s no channel thumbnail (Not implemented in ytpl)
  • There’s no video description in playlist page (Not implemented in ytpl)
  • Seeking is only working on Firefox browser
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To anyone who’s complaining about your Project that got rate limited due to 1K request, Yes. It can happend. This because the front end is fetching atleast 80-100+ Thumbnail from your server.

To avoid this, Go to .env, And reduce LIMIT variable. The smaller, The faster

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This is cool! Unfortuaneltly on chrome I can’t change the point the video plays at, it sends me back to the start of the vid.


This is our main problem. We would recommend user to use Firefox for seeking video.

Now it should working normally. Check it out!

It works now! Thanks :smiley:

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