Any way to fix socket hang up problem?


Also about patreon thing then i don’t think anyone gonna support my bot even after 12hrs nobody came asking that why bot is down or something :slightly_frowning_face:


You don’t need a VPS @ArunKapil01,

The only issue that is there is that Discord.js cannot connect to the Discord Server…

So make sure you have a valid Token and that there are no errors in your scripts.

Let me know if this helped. (Probably not, but I will give it a try)


It’s glitch’s internet limitations. You indeed don’t need a VPS, but usually these have more internet available.


And that’s why I am using Uptimerobot. My bot also runs on Glitch… And I got no errors…



I also host bots on glitch, it works wonderfully. Though, how big is your bot? Do you only use it in one or two servers or is it in 1000 servers?

If in two, then you indeed won’t be experiencing problems.

If in 1000, you will get errors (eventually) saying “socket hang up” or “econnreset”.