Category Topics

The Gallery

Show off what you’ve built with Glitch! Help others do cool stuff with Glitch!

Community Banter

This is the place for open threads, prompts, and chatting with the rest of the community that makes Glitch happen! See our FAQ for guidelines on how to help keep this fun, friendly and safe for everyone!

Building Glitch

We’re building Glitch with the community and sharing updates and feedback here along the way.

Community Code Jams

Learn more at and build with us!

Glitch Feature Ideas

We’ve got plenty of ideas about how to make Glitch great, but we’re equally sure you do too! Here’s where to tell us what they are and to let us know which ones you think are great! Don’t forget to upvote your own suggestions!

Glitch Feedback

Use this forum category to post bug reports, and feedback about our existing features!

Glitch Help

Do you have a question about how Glitch itself works? Are you running into problems with the Glitch ecosystem or don’t know how to accomplish something in Glitch? Ask here so that other community members can learn from your question.

Glitch Service Updates

Updates regarding the status of Glitch services and the support forum. Real-time information of service interruptions may be found at

Glitch Tutorials

Have you figured out how to do something cool on Glitch? Share your knowledge with the rest of the Glitch community by posting a tutorial here!

Coding Help

The Glitch community includes engineers using many different programming languages and frameworks. Here we can all come together and help one another by sharing expertise and knowledge about code-specific (not Glitch-specific) questions.

Code Help - Discord

Writing a Discord bot? Interested in how Glitch can host your bot and the limitations you need to be aware of? Just want to help out and share your expertise?

Glitch Changelog

Announcements of changes to Glitch. New feature releases and updates to existing functionality.

Glitch - Thimble Help

If you’ve newly arrived at Glitch from Thimble, this is the friendly, welcoming place to ask questions about how Glitch works and how to make the most of it.

Glitch VS Code Extension

With the beta release of Glitch’s Visual Studio Code extension (available at this category is for discussions about the extension, bug reports, and feature requests. If you think you’ve found a bug you can also add an issue at