CPU specs (Container Stats)?

Stats do show how much ram and disk space there is
But just a percentage for the CPU, can we have more details on it so that I can know what my project is actually consuming resources wise
thank you for the awesome service

Hey @min the way CPU resources are managed and how their stats are displayed is a function of the fact that your project is running in its own Docker container. As such, CPU thresholds are relative to the total CPU in the host server, of which your project gets a slice and which can change depending on what other projects running on the same host are consuming. The CPU stats you see are an approximation based on those factors, but that’s the best info we can provide.

Sorry for the bother!


That’s an awesome explanation, thanks for the support!

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Does that mean that your project can be more laggy when someone reaches the CPU limit? I’m just experiencing a memory leak in around every hour so my project keeps restarting due to ‘no memory left’. Can you help? (g/tihon)

Hey @jarvis394 if your project is approaching its CPU limit then I wouldn’t be unsurprised if it behaved more slowly. But that’s unrelated to memory.

In your case, if it happens on a regular schedule like that I’d look for things that occur every hour for a place to look for whatever’s causing the leak, or would watch to see if it steadily climbs over the course of an hour. I’d also probably add some logging to a file, including a startup event so you can see what the bot was doing right before it restarted.

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