Discord Ban mega-thread! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)

My project called peeky had this “Something took to long to do” error and now it won’t start.

EDIT: Fixed by remixing the project but I’d like to know if this was an error on my part or not.

Nope the host was blocked

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My project is on banned host again. Project name: dour-century

@Jojo_the_Joker we don’t have any banned hosts right now - are you seeing problems?

Yeah, of course. It say “something took too long to do”. But after i check the error after it, there’s something error in the package make the project went down. Sorry, i didn’t check the error clearly.

So you’re not seeing any problems now, @Jojo_the_Joker? When I look at your project’s logs I don’t see any errors right now.

Yeah, i’ve cleared the log and restarting the project. Btw, the error was came 12 hours before i reply your previous message.

have this issue with typical-energy @cori

We had a few banned hosts, which have all been recycled!

This issue just happened for me.
My project is colossal-butterfly,
I tried resetting the project and updating my packages but nothing seems to work for me.


Edit: I remixed the project and the remix works.

I think my bot’s on a banned host. project name: flat-bot
I’m getting the something took too long to do error.

My bot is also on a ban host. Its name: discord-eat.
I got the error

Hi, I’ve read the first few posts of this thread and learned that my projects are also all IP-banned with the same error messages (client took too long etc)

Is it possible to lift the ban? My project names are ‘smile’ and ‘laugh’. thank you

again this thing

(node:13759) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Something took too long to do.

cant run bot in glitch.com

Yep, the issue is resurfacing again.

Need 2 projects moved: tohru-gc and megubot-main

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Can you fix my project? It’s name is server-manager-d, thank you very much <3

I’m having this problem, project name is peeky.

i guess my project on banned host again.
project name:

  1. dour-century
  2. natsuki-test

project: raodgiveaway