Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)

Project’s name: multi-bott
Thank you

project name: feenx-bot

project name: feenx-bot

Project’s name: multi-bott
Thank you

My project “magic8” was banned.

My project name : kumarbot

Good greetings, it seems my host has been banned by discord

Project name: puppetv7

Thank you

my host got banned too pls fix it

@NicoBlasey Could you be a bit more specific and mention the project name which is banned?


Project Name : ikabu2

project name os-robo is down

i need a new host for this anyway, somehow openradio got banned from youtube idk how it produces the same amount of traffic as a normal person
project name: frill-corn

Issue is present for our Discord bot: https://glitch.com/~somiibo-discord-bot

Would appreciate a fix thank you for your time <3

my boosted project got banned…again

project name: brokencompass-discordbot

Project name: risk-universalis

Hi glitch team,

Project name: aghanimbot

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Project Name : descriptive-chain-angle-bot1

Tanks :grinning:

my boosted project got banned

project name: btetoken

boosted project need to have a more responsive support…

Two banned project: just-pub-fr0 and multi-bott
Thank you

Hey, my project is doing it again. Bot is offline.