Error: Could not locate the bindings file

Hello I found this error appearing in my console today and I don’t know what is its cause. Can someone help me.
I was told that if I use enable-pnpm it would solve it and when I did do that it did solve it but my question here really is what causes it and what command can I run instead of enable-pnpm if I got this error outside of glitch.

Thank You

I’ve heard updating Node usually fixes this.

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I’ve got same issue, too. enable-pnpm however wouldn’t work for me Anyone have same issue?

Edit:Just upgraded my node, works now

I’m getting the same error, already tried update node but no results… I can dm a join link if necessary.

Sure, let me have it!

Done :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like it’s back working already.

I’ve got the same problem, should I just dm the join link?

Hello, @xXForEverFasterXx, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

We’ve seen problems with the better-sqlite3 package before, and typically running enable-pnpm in the console (which forces a §npm install) fixes the issue.

If that doesn’t work you can just provide your project domain and we can take a closer look.

@cori enable-pnpm didn’t solve it. Should I just dm you the join link?

Just posting the project’s domain (or emailing it to will be sufficient, thanks!

The projects domain is nebulous-blizzard

Hey my error still persists but not on better-sqlite3 it is on Node-Opus. I have tried npm install and my node is on the latest version so now I don’t know what to do.


Run enable-pnpm, or outside of Glitch try changing the version of node you’re using.

Which version of node would you recommend?

I think what Gareth means is that outside of Glitch (and within Glitch as well, for that matter), changing your Node version to something different will force a reinstall of your packages and fix the binding problem. enable-pnpm inside Glitch also has this effect, but that command is only available from a Glitch console. So just modifying your Node version (even just changing it, running ( p )npm install, and then changing it back may (should) fix the problem.

This didn’t worked for me… Should I PM you my project link?

@cori Can you remove my node_modules folder, the original one. And can you add it back so it’s fresh again? I think there is an issue in there.