PHP Always working

As I have now opened up a radio station, I would like to be using glitch for the site instead of cpanel, but I want to be able to have php automatically working without needing to remix a project like lamp poc, this would be really helpful! It would also be great if you could have apache automatically installed as well to be able to use htaccess without remixing other projects as I already said

There’s already PHP installed. You can access it with php from the console.

Whenever you try to make a site with php, when you open the site, it just downloads the php file, instead of loading it.

I’ve managed to get it working before. I use a NPM module called php-express

How to implement:

var phpExpress = require('php-express')({
// Set bin path of PHP
  binPath: 'php'

// We're assuming your express app variable is called 'app'

// Apply PHP manager
app.engine('php', phpExpress.engine);
app.set('view engine', 'php');
app.all(/.+\.php$/, phpExpress.router);