1 free private project

Hello, can you please add 1 private projects on free plan? To try it out. :pray:

I doubt the team will add this, I can see this being abused.


Yeah, this might encourage people to make multiple accounts to get private projects


eh, worth the shot

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:confused: Or make thanks for helping points rewards


but you also have the same issue /w ppl making multiple accounts

what about forcing accs to be five days old?

Good idea, maybe add that you must be older than 1 month to get thanks for helping rewards

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That’s not really going to help since there would be people who make a ton of accounts and then give them to other people when they get old enough because of that or they sell a lot of them for a cheap price

older than one year

But who would buy a glitch account (lets say five thanks for private projects) just for one, trial, private project?

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I am also a premium member but I don’t show it off to the world and essentially brag about it. Also, being a Glitch boosted member doesn’t give me a right to advertise my discord server on the forums.


Have you heard of the .env file and .data folder, coincidentally glitch says the whole point of it is for secrets. So if someone remixes it they won’t get your secrets

This idea is great. I voted :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a while, most would move on.

There’s still the same issue, even with reddit’s account age and reputation system there’s still a lot of account selling, similarly we have the same for minecraft accounts.

and also a lot of people who tried out glitch for a day can just give their accounts to someone else

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