20chars solution

ever had that moment when you want to reply to something but the 20 character limit stops you?

simple fix:

type <img data-20chars />. it has 20 characters and will not show on the message.

p.s: you can see it for yourself at the end of this message. it’s completely invisible!

KS1 Number Bonds to 20 | Improve Addition and Subtraction

found by


@DerDer56 Easier way:
Just do underscores _________

At the very bottom:

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yea but you can tell that they’re there


Not really see:

If u put more then 2 dashes it automatically makes a line

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you can tell it’s there

look carefully:

Pretty sure you are not the first to find this. It can be anything like:
<iamcool> makes:

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ok, but

  1. nobody really uses it
  2. there isn’t a forum post about it (yet…)

but its cool


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It works!

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I use it :slight_smile:

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use what?


I just simply add &nbsp; to my post and it won’t show up in the post because its a blank space character. Demo :point_down:


I use this all the time

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