A bot for Glitch's editor

Project URL: Glitch :・゚✧

the code for this has some spaghettiness to it, but here it is for fun anyway, a bot that watches you type in the Glitch editor and edits with you.

and I don’t mean that it programs with you, it’s only an experiment to show how to interact with the live collaboration system, “OT.” here it’s set up so that when you type a comment starting with > , it’ll repeat the comment, starting with < , in uppercase.

help me think of wacky things to do with this.


This works, and is so cool! I’ll try using that to implement ChatGPT in Glitch.

Too late, I’m doing it myself. :slight_smile:

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I actually started building it, but had some problems with the fetching URLs stuff so I gave up.

As you are working on your bots, let me know what roadblocks you hit, what API endpoints would help you succeed, what kind of bots you’d like to build for the Glitch editor, etc. I think this is super interesting work and love the idea of community-built bots on here!


lol done (send gpt-reset to reset your conversation, it also wipes when you stop the bot.js while it’s running)


do I fix conversations wiping when you stop bot.js? and also probably make a README.md on how to use it :eyes:

this is an awesome project, it’ll make MY work easier that’s for sure.

EDIT: There’s some documentation on how to use it now and I’m making it easier to use by the minute :slight_smile:

For those trying to work with this: Your user token is in your cachedUser object inside localStorage, as your persistentToken value. This is neccesary to create the connection to your project. The rest I handle- including getting the project ID, you just have to give the username. Should work with private ones too since I pass in your user token at that point.

Heyyyy! I spent a good few hours working on this and I want to die.

It’s done now though! Go check it out, it’s somewhat easy to integrate now (and once you’ve done it, you can just keep the tab open to integrate ChatGPT with your project)

It also now respects whitespace fully :+1:

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yo @wh0 you know more than me about this, can you help? I tried to add whitespace support but it sometimes replaces in the wrong spot (I do put in the whitespace length to avoid that but it seems to not be working)

it also has ChatGPT support if you want to test that too

regex first capture group doesn’t look like a pattern for matching spaces. (. ) matches any character followed by one space. could try (\s*)(\S.*)?

Worked like a charm! A few changes and now it actually respects whitespace. You probably saw the dirty patch I made to fix an indentation issue near the bottom :frowning:

new issue: offsets in .html :cry:

offsets in your indentation in .html / .svelte cause issues with the bot. trying to figure out the offset generation as we speak but it’s painful :frowning:

So far I’ve figured out the offsets to make the line appear right BUT now we have the issue of broken bits after, I’m removing part of my code to see if it helps

EDIT: for some reason Glitch injects a SINGLE SPACE whenever the .html offset issue happens. no more auto new lines to mitigate. please tell me if this is the right way to do this

oh it’s better not to use start or end like that after sending the first transaction. every time you await there could have been other edits made that shift things around. you can rely on the transactions to be up to date

confused coder sounds

what should I change? I only use await to grab the message from OpenAI’s API and also in whatever code you had

const whitespaceLength = spacesRemoved.length;
unsubmittedTx.tx[docId][0][2] = spacesRemoved + "// < Contacting ChatGPT...";
unsubmittedTx2.tx[docId][0][0] += whitespaceLength + 5; // relative offset
unsubmittedTx2.tx[docId][0][1] = 22; // splice length

the relative offset in [0] looks right, for bringing you to just before the “C” in “Contacting”
the splice length in [1] looks one too many, as Contacting ChatGPT... is 21 characters. you have no guarantees what comes outside the transaction’s splices, so it’s not safe to do 22 there.

and that if thing that comes later shouldn’t trigger, as long as there are no concurrent edits going on. does it?

hey wait a minute, I could’ve sworn I put 21 there. >:/

anyway fixed, testing patch

EDIT: apparently a single space is injected after sending the first message which is why I set it to 22 >:?

also the extra space comes back. :frowning:

it does, the .html offset issue causes it to flip (end no longer equals the value returned in unsubmittedTx2 and that new value breaks things, hence the offset fix

how much does the [0] change by?

it depends on how offset it is
one HTML object = 2
two HTML objects = 4
you get the point

it’s an annoying bug and I fucking hate it

my initial patch for it only fully accounts for removing the whitespace from one HTML object

weeeeird let me try in a remix