A guide for .data

I’ve been used .env much, but how does .data work exactly? I searched up but didn’t understand much, a full guide would be helpful

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We do have a guide for .data

Where is it? The only link I found send 404

It should be obvious that like .env, contents of .data get scrubbed when remixed.

Data is just the folder that sqlite databases or other content you don’t want to be available upon remix is stored.

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Why? Not all users know that.



Ok, well you just edited that in, it didn’t always say that.


At support I found that it can be done by .data/path but didn’t work. That’s why I asked. .env has a css design but dotfiles doesn’t have them in the editor. Anyways, thanks

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The .env file does have a special gui to edit values in. Neat, right?

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No, you can see that there were no edits

Oh, missed that, sorry.

Hmmm yeah that sounds about right, I’m still confused about how my dbs kept resetting on my wordpress on glitch attempt

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Moved to #glitch-help!

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